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Finding a Good Financial Advisor and Avoiding the Bad Ones

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Every profession has them: Sharks, bad actors, and scammers. The financial industry is no exception. In the arena of financial planning and wealth management there are good, poor, and, in some cases, downright bad advisors.

So, how do you find an excellent financial advisor New York NY? Look for the following characteristics when evaluating the potential of working with a financial advisor:


You’ll want to narrow down your field to those advisors who have been in business for a while. How long is a while? They should be in business for many years at least, preferably a decade or more. You want an experienced advisor who has seen a thing or two in the markets. To put it in New York parlance, “They’ve been around the block a few times”. You want an advisor who is focused on the long-term.


Financial advisors come in two flavors: Those who take a percentage of your worth at regular intervals and promote sales to generate house commissions versus those who work for you only for a fee. Why let the advisor take a percentage of your money? Demand fee-only financial advisors.

Great Track Record

How well have the advisor’s investments-under-management performed? Not simply last year, but over five-, ten- and twenty-year intervals. What is their investment style? Would you be comfortable with that record of investing?


Interview several potential advisors. Are you comfortable when talking to them? Do they foster education and believe in transparency? Do they invest the same way with their money as they would propose for you?


The main reason to work with a financial advisor is to help you achieve your financial goals. A good one will help you get your financial life organized and increase your wealth without you having to work any harder than you already do.

Bank’s Customer Service

The Best Ways to Improve Your Bank’s Customer Service

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Maintaining excellent customer service is crucial in the banking industry because it helps you attract and retain clients. As technology is increasingly used to obtain financing, open accounts, and manage money, you must continually strive to improve your customer service through many options.

Empower Your Employees

Everyone on your payroll, from the banking expert to customer service employees, makes up your frontline. Therefore, you need to give them the tools and training they require to provide top-notch customer experiences.

Allow Customers Self-Service Options

Due to technology, customers today are increasingly self-reliant. Netflix, Amazon, and Google have conditioned consumers to expect what they want when they want it. To grant this wish, embrace technology and provide self-service options that let customers handle their accounts and other financial information conveniently.

Stay Consistent Across All Points

One of the key areas that many banks struggle with is providing a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. To improve, you need to ensure that all of your points line up and provide quality service.

Educate Your Customers on Financial Literacy

Banks have been educating customers on financial literacy for a long time. However, ensuring that you are using it properly and targeting the right audience can help make your customer service much better.

Embrace Financial Technology

It can be tough for banks to comply with consumer demands for mobile technology and still meet strict industry standards. However, one way to greatly improve customer satisfaction is to embrace financial technology.

Become an Advisor for Small Businesses

Small businesses are often looking for more than just a lender. They want a business partner. This is an opening that banks should use to increase their customer relations. Take the opportunity to move beyond the lender role and become an advisor for small businesses.

Banks need to be competitive in their customer service departments if they want to succeed. This is especially true as technology continues to encroach on the industry. By using these tips, you can help your bank provide an exceptional customer experience.

Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers: What to Store and What NOT to Store?

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You put your money in a bank to safeguard it. But where do you store your most valuable items – like jewellery and important items? Sure, you can keep them under your mattress, but that’s probably a bad idea. A better option is a safe deposit box, which you can rent from a bank.

Traditionally speaking, deposit boxes have been a safe way to store family heirlooms and important personal documents and possessions for several years. However, you need to make smart decisions about what items really should be put in a safe deposit box.

In the pandemic, many banks have issued statements and rules that have made access to safety deposit boxes not possible in these times. So, if you need access to the stored items from time to time, then do not put them in a safe deposit box.

Here are a few things that you should know about safe deposit boxes going into the future.

What Is ASafe Deposit Locker?

A safe deposit box is a secure container that can be used to store valuable items. The security offered by the bank is what makes these safe lockers lucrative to store precious items. They are sealed behind vaults and can be rented for a long time by either a single individual or a trust.

Here are a few things that you should store in your safe deposit locker, and a few things that you shouldn’t.

Things to Store in A Safe Deposit

  • Personal papers
  • Stamps
  • Jewelry
  • Important Business Papers

Even though safe deposit lockers are entirely safe, it’s better to put irreplaceable documentsthat could be damaged by water into a waterproof container. While it might not be necessary, doing soprovidesmore security and can also help keep your documents more organized.

Things You Shouldn’t Store


Let’s admit it: unless you’re, say, a frequent traveler, you probably don’t need your passport 24\7. Still, you never really know when you’ll need your passport for business or a spontaneous trip, so it’s best to keep it safewith you.


Don’t even think about keeping cash in a safe deposit locker. Why? First, if you need your money immediately and the bank is closed, you’re out of luck. Second, you’re much better off keeping your cash in a place where you can benefit from it.  How? Consider investing in Fixed Deposits, which will not only help you to safeguard your savingsbut also earn a profit, something that won’t happen if your money is in a safe deposit box.

Where to Rent a Safe Deposit Locker in the UAE

Safe Deposit Boxes offer safety beyond what can be achieved at home. If you’re in the UAE and looking for a place to safeguard your most valuable items, ADCB is your destination.

I have personallychosen ADCB’s safe deposit lockers because they offer more flexibility compared to otherbanks across the UAE.

The bank offers two types of safe lockers units; an assisted safe locker that can only be accessed with a combination of your key and the bank’s master key, and an unassisted safe deposit locker where your assets are stored in a fully automated locker that is available around the clock. These lockers feature a unique biometric security system that provides even greater security than a regular safe locker.

If you decide that a safe deposit box is the right solution for your important items, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are in safe hands. ADCB’s safe deposit lockers are available in various sizes for your convenience and at competitive fees.






tax accountants

Here’s why individuals need tax accountants!

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Many people unfairly assume that tax accountants only work with businesses. While CPAs do work extensively with business clients and corporate firms, they are also extremely useful for individuals, including self-employed and working professionals. If you check for a reliable tax accountant Athens GA, you will find quite a few firms that work with individuals. In this post, we are discussing more on how a CPA can help your personal financial & tax planning needs.

  1. Plan & prepare your taxes without any glitch. Tax planning requires experience and expertise, and working with an accountant will allow you to make the most of deductions and the option to defer income and expenses to the next year. 
  2. Help with estate planning. You would want your hard-earned money and assets to go in the right hands, while saving on tax liability, as well. With CPAs, you can expect to get help with estate planning too.
  3. Aid with retirement planning. Individuals who work with tax accountants can plan their retirement efficiently and focus on reducing tax liability. The best accounting firms can help you in making the most of your retirement income.

Finding a tax accountant

There are many known tax & accounting firms in Athens, but before you choose one, make sure that they have experience with investments and have worked with clients with a similar profile as yours. Don’t shy away from asking questions with regards to how they can help your personal financial goals. If you have any specific queries with regards to estate, tax deductions, and investments, make sure to ask the same during the first appointment.

A good tax accountant can help you make the most of whatever money you have, and you don’t have to worry about errors that can eventually pose a problem and cause friction with the IRS.


Understanding Singapore Moneylender Interest Rates

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Any type of Singapore moneylender with which you choose to apply will make their own decision regarding whether you can pay for a home loan, and wherefore amount. They do this by establishing your serviceability. Serviceability is your capability to repay your loan. In calculating this, loan providers will include a hypothetical bumper to guarantee you’ll still have the ability to pay your loan should interest rates increase.

Determining interest rates

Many lending institutions use the very same fundamental formula when computing your borrowing power:.

Gross earnings– tax obligation– existing commitments– new obligations– living expenses– buffer = regular monthly surplus.

This formula helps establish your serviceability, which is your capacity to satisfy loan payments, based upon the loan amount, your revenue, costs and other obligations.

Lenders will evaluate the payments of your brand-new loan at a rate that is normally 2% to 3% over the actual rate of interest that you at first consent to. This is to ensure that you might still repay your home loan if the interest rate were to rise in future.

Fixed-rate home mortgage

A fixed-rate loan implies that the lending rate is “fixed” for a particular amount of time– commonly between 1 year to 5 years.

The major advantage of a fixed-rate loan is that the rate of interest is ensured not to alter over the fixed duration, so you understand specifically how much you’ll require to pay off throughout that time.

Just recently, lots of customers have been going with fixed-rate home loans because of Australia’s historically reduced money rate– and subsequently low mortgage rate of interest.

Variable rate mortgage

A variable rate home loan is one in which the interest rate can change over the lifetime of the loan This can occur any time, yet is most likely to occur following the nationwide bank’s monthly cash rate meeting.

Rates change for a variety of factors, including the nationwide financial institution’s official money rates, bank funding prices, profits and the bank’s cravings for mortgage.

Mortgage to build a home

A mortgage to build a house is a specific sort of loan called a construction loan. When building the residence, you pay the bank in ‘progress repayments’ which are for each and every step of construction. If only $200,000 of a $400,000 has been drawn down, you’ll just pay interest on that $200,000.

Records required for a home loan pre-approval

Home loan pre-approval approves you to obtain as much as a particular amount, providing you a good idea of what you can and cannot pay for. The records needed for mortgage pre-approval consist of:

  • Evidence of revenue (payslips, income tax return and so on).
  • Financial institution declarations and proof of financial savings.
  • A list of your existing assets and liabilities (e.g. bank card and personal loan financial obligation).
  • 100 points of ID (driver’s license, passport, Medicare card etc.).








emergency fund

Auto repair financing without an emergency fund

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When it comes to building an emergency fund, we all know that it is one of the best ways that can help us to tide over unexpected financial crises. However, due to a lack of funds or due to too many financial obligations, it is not always possible to build one. But that does not necessarily mean that you do not have other options to pay for the cost of your car repairs.

Let us find out how you will meet the expenses of auto repairs if you are facing a financial crunch.

Not all drivers are equipped to meet expenses

As per a survey that was conducted by AAA, for the cost of maintaining and repairing a car annually, you must be prepared to shell out approximately $1200 (taken on an average). And surprisingly, not even 1/3rd of the total drivers are equipped to fund these expenses.

And this becomes a real problem if the costs that you have to incur are not covered by insurance carriers or you do not have a warranty against these repairs. But that should not disappoint you because there are other options too. And some of them are explained in the paragraphs that follow. So, if you have been wondering about how to finance auto repairs, your search ends here.

Your auto repair financing options

You can go through the options mentioned below-

Take out a personal loan

This is one of the options that you can explore so that you can fund repair and maintenance for your cars. Approach banking or any financial institution for a personal loan. Also referred to as installment loans, you have to repay the loan amount every month over a period of time and you are expected to repay the entire amount within the loan term.

A personal loan will attract interest rates along with fees. Find out how much you can save on interest rates. How much you can enjoy as interest depends on your credit history.

Payday loans

Payday loans are a quick way of accessing cash. You have to provide details of your bank account so that you can withdraw the proceeds. This loan is basically given to you against the paycheck that you will receive the following month.

However, you must be aware of the norms that govern the regulations of these loans in the state you reside in and also the APR or the Annual Percentage Rate that these loans will attract.

Sometimes, the cost of the loan (APR) can be as high as 400% along with additional fees.

Vehicle Title loans 

This is another option for financing car repairs. Nevertheless, they are risky and for the short-term. The lender will offer you a loan against the car title. Once you are able to repay the loan, the duration of which is usually a month, you will get back the vehicle title papers.

However, it is risky because unless you are able to repay the loan, the car, which acts as collateral or security for the lender will be taken away.

Studies also reveal (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), around 2/3rd of the borrowers that take out the loan against their car title roll over the debt payment for at least 6 times since they are unable to pay off the debt. And once there is a prolonged failure of repayment of the loan, the car title usually gets confiscated.

Aside from the above, you can also take out a loan with a credit card or apply for a conventional loan. While traditional or conventional loans are a better option as compared to using plastic cards, you have to take into account the rate of interest, the APR, loan term, fees, and additional charges, if any in case of traditional loans.


Tax Advisor

Keep Your Taxes in Order with a Tax Advisor

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Taxes are a part of life. Everyone has to pay them and they remain an inconvenience to have to deal with. And while we can certainly do them ourselves, they are complicated enough that we shouldn’t take that risk if we don’t need to.

Having a tax advisor in Stourbridge is important when it comes to keeping your taxes in order and getting them filed on time. Not only that, but a tax advisor can help you get the most money back on your taxes possible, saving you money in the long run.

Complete Tax Services

A proper Stourbridge advisor can do a lot of things when it comes to your taxes. These services can include:

  • Tax advice
  • Capital gains
  • Value added tax
  • Inheritance
  • Corporation tax

Getting comprehensive tax service is important as it can save you a lot of time and even more money. A tax advisor can do a lot to find more money in your return and get your taxes taken care of.

Dependable, Experienced

A great Stourbridge tax advisor will have a history of getting the job done in a satisfactory manner. That means getting the necessary documents in on time and finding you the most money in your returns possible.

This all means getting your taxes done and behind you so that you can focus on the other important things in your life instead of worrying about paperwork and deadlines. Let a tax advisor bring ease to your life.


4 Beginner Tips for Investing in Penny Stocks

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If you are a beginner who is seeking to invest in the stock market but does not want to devote a lot of money, penny stocks can be a convincing option. However, the thought of investing in the stock market may baffle you because of the limited experience or the fear of losing money. If you are wondering where to start or which penny stock to invest in, this article will provide you with penny stocks tips and advice that will help you understand penny stock trading and what to expect of it.

What Is a Penny Stock?

To put stock trading in simple terms, companies raise capital in the form of shares that represent ownership in the company; traders and investors buy the shares when they are sold at a low price with the anticipation of selling them at a higher price.

Penny stocks, also called micro-cap stocks, are shares of a small company that can be traded at a price as low as $1 or $2. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, any share that is traded for less than $5 is referred to as penny stocks. However, the actual definition of a penny stock may vary across countries. They are traded in major exchanges like NASDAQ and also over-the-counter (OTC) markets like OTC Pink and OTCQB.

4 Beginner Tips for Investing in Penny Stocks

As in any kind of investment, investing in penny stocks without due research can lead to adverse effects. It is important to understand the concept of penny stock trading and the associated risks before investing in it so that you avoid the risks while investing in it. These 4 penny stock trading tips can help you even if you are a beginner.

Look at the Number of Shares Outstanding

Investing in penny stocks involves a lot of research about the company you are considering investing in. The company must be legitimate and of high value. While ascertaining the company’s value, refrain from equating the stock price with the company’s value; what you should be looking at is its market capitalization value, which is the cost per share multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

For example, let’s say there are two companies X and Y. The market capitalization for both the companies is $150,000.

  • Company X trades at $15 and has 10,000 shares outstanding.
  • Company Y trades at $150 and has 1000 shares outstanding.

Though both the companies have the same market capitalization, the shares are traded at different prices. Hence, instead of considering the share price as the only factor to determine the value of the company, look at the number of shares outstanding.

Be Wary of Share Dilution

Shares dilute when a company issues new shares to raise more capital. It is important to look out for signs of possible share dilution because it reduces the ownership of shareholders and also leads to a drop in the share price. To that end, do a thorough research on the strengths of the company:

  • What is the company’s business structure?
  • Is the company profitable and competitive in its sector?
  • Will the company’s value increase over time?
  • Does it need more capital for a new venture or partnership?
  • How does the management plan to raise more capital? By issuing more stocks?

The bottom line is to find a high-quality company that is still trading at a low share price. This can help turn your small investment into a significant one.

Which Penny Stock Should I Invest In?

People are drawn to investing in penny stocks because of their low prices. This penny stock trading tip will help you approach it with the right mindset. As a beginner, it is important to have a realistic expectation and assess the outcome of choosing a penny stock.

As a share’s past performance is indicative of its future performance, look at the past performance to gauge how the share has grown over a period of months or years. This will give you a realistic idea of the returns you can expect. If you are going for highly volatile penny stocks that are characterized by rapid price fluctuations during a short span of time, assess the risk as well. Let’s suppose a penny stock worth $0.50 goes up by $0.25. Even though it may seem like a 50% profit, there are similar chances of losing a lot if it drops by $0.30.

Pick a penny stock that is more active than others because this kind of stocks will have more buyers and sellers. It doesn’t need reminding that you are buying penny stocks with the hope of selling it in future. A penny stock without buyers can easily sour your trading experience.

Join a Day Trading Chat Room

What you learn about penny stock trading by joining a day trading chat room is immense. You will be able to get penny stock trading tips and advice from experienced investors who are willing to share their knowledge about penny stock trading. The information you get from a penny stocks chat will help you be updated with the current trends, understand the terms that confuse you so that you have better chances of avoiding mistakes and minimizing losses.

At this day and age, investing in a business, real estate, stocks, or bonds is important not only to generate additional money but also to build wealth for your future. Of all the investment options, investing in shares and stocks is considered one of the superior options due to the investment returns it earns. Hopefully, the tips for investing in penny stocks covered in the article will help you start investing in penny stocks on the right foot.

Trading Account for New Traders

The Dilemma of Picking the Right Trading Account for New Traders

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If you have made up your mind that you want to trade, you will have to find a broker to do that. Secondly, once you have found the right broker, you will be faced with the choice of picking the right trading account. Yes, you have to pick from a variety of account types before you start trading. These accounts are meant for different types of traders. However, when you look at the features offered in them, things can get a bit confusing. You want to save money and the basic accounts seem like the best ways of doing that. However, all the great benefits and advantages in terms of profitability lie in the advanced account types.

How do you decide which on to pick? Let’s find out.

Most Important Factors in a Trading Account

The Minimum Deposit

The first thing you have to look for in an account is the deposit limit or the minimum deposit. Of course, if you are a new trader, you want to be on the safe side, which means you want to deposit as little money as possible. That’s not the luxury you get with every online broker. Only some are kind to new traders and give them the opportunity to drop only 500 units of the base currency. Whether you deposit in pounds or dollars, these brokers will accept 500 units of your currency so you can start trading.

Trading Signals and Alerts

The next important thing you have to look at is the trading alerts. Are you getting any trading alerts in your account? It does not matter how long you have been trading for because trading alerts will always help you with profitable trades. They are not a guarantee that you will make a profitable trade but they do provide you a stable ground to stand on for profitable trading.

Loyalty Bonuses

While this is not the first thing to look for, you will get some idea about the broker with this type of feature. Only the best brokers on the internet offer you any loyalty bonuses. This means you get some reward in return for staying with the broker and trading actively. These rewards can be in the form of credits in your account or better flexibilities. Sometimes, you get a big prize for our loyalty.


You cannot think of pursuing your career in trading unless you are trained to do it. Not all online brokers provide you with ample education on trading. Most of them provide you only some basic information about the basic terminologies of the industry and some rudimentary knowledge of trading strategies. However, only advanced education can help you coast through even the roughest trading situations.

Is There a Broker That Gives It All?

So, is there a broker that offers it all in trading accounts? Or, a better question would be if there is a broker that provides all these amazing features within the basic account type. You will be glad to know that there is one broker that gives you all of it and some more in a basic trading account. This broker is Duxa Capital. This broker provides one of the safest online platforms for you to start your trading career and trade in the most trader-friendly conditions possible.

Final Thoughts

You have to make sure that you look at all the factors stated above when you pick an online trading account. You do not want to regret your decision later because withdrawing money from your online trading accounts is not as easy and straightforward as you might have thought. However, once you have chosen the right broker, you do not have to go to the extent of withdrawing the money you have deposited.

Net Worth

Net Worth-The Most Important Financial Statistics You Should Know

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Net worth definition

Net Worth can be defined as a snapshot of your financial health. You should track it over times so that you can fortify your financial health. You have heard any well-known person is “worth $15 Million” but you don’t understand its exact meaning. And if a question raises in your mind that what is your own net worth then you will find the answer to this question in this piece of writing very clearly.

What is Net worth?

Net Worth can be defined as the value of assets minus liabilities. Your Net Worth is not only about your income instead it includes your investments, savings, and debts.

Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities

What does net worth mean? In the financial language, the word “Net” means “after subtracting debts and expenses”. One can define worth as the amount that can be achieved in a specified time. The increase in Net Worth indicates good financial health. On the other hand, when liabilities increase more than assets, net worth decreases and indicates a financial crisis. So we can say that net worth can be found by subtracting liabilities from assets. It means net worth can be a measure of your well-being and financial health.

Importance of net worth

It is important to know your net worth because it provides a snapshot of your financial health. When you calculate your net worth, you can see the end result of everything you have spent up and everything you have earned till right now. It provides a wake-up call if you are off track or you are doing well. It offers a meaningful view of your finances. It can help you to evaluate your present financial health and help you figure out what to do in order to reach your financial goals.

How one can calculate his/her net worth?

Many people wonder what they are valued in economic terms. It is a very simple exercise. It can be calculated by the subtraction of your debts from the assets. If your assets are more than your liabilities then your net worth is positive. But if your debts exceed from your assets than the net worth is not positive rather negative. Then our goal should be to work hard to make our net worth positive. It is an indicator that you have to pay off your debts for your strong financial health.

How one can determine his/her net worth?

It is fairly straightforward to regulate one’s net worth. You should create a detailed list of all of the assets you own and a list of your liabilities. You further need to add up both the lists and then subtract the liabilities out of the assets. Below we are going to tell you some steps for calculating your net worth in a traditional way such as, by hand. However, you can use some tools available on the internet as well. When you synchronize your accounts, it calculates the net worth automatically. By calculating your present net worth, you can even estimate your future net worth as well.

What is an Asset?

The assets are the things you own having a monetary value. Assets include cash like in your checking, retirement accounts, savings, and things like property, cars, and investments that you can sell for cash.

Assets = cash + items that could sell for cash

A few examples of Net Assets:

  • The amount you have in your investment accounts
  • Your car’s market value
  • Your home’s market value
  • The amount in your savings accounts.
  • Items of economic value you own, like furniture, collectibles, and jewelry.

Assets vs liabilities

What are Liabilities?

Liabilities are debts that are obligatory to pay. Liabilities are the entire debt you owe. Your liabilities can not be determined by the monthly payments you owed, rather by the owed debts. Here are some examples of liabilities are:

  • Car loans
  • Mortgages
  • Student loans
  • Credit cards
  • Medical bills
  • Liens and judgments against you
  • Back taxes

If you find the net worth negative then it is all because of your car loans, mortgage debt, and credit card debt. Your student loans have a great influence on your net worth as well.

What is liquid net worth?

The part of a person’s net worth that can be easily turned into cash is his/her liquid net worth. It includes investments like stocks and mutual funds. However the assets, that are difficult to easily convert like cars or real estate.

Different ways to calculate the Net worth

You can find some ways to calculate the net worth of your own.

1 How to calculate Net worth in Traditional way?

To calculate your net worth, you need paper, pencil, and calculator. Then divide the paper into two halves. Write the word “Assets” on the left side while the word “Liabilities” on the right. Now list all of the assets and its value net in the assets column and all the liabilities and its value in the liabilities column. Then add all the values of both sides then subtract liabilities from assets to get your net worth. Below is an example of a fake person’s net worth. Check the example of net worth calculator:


Have a look at some celebrity’s net worth. Offset net worth is $ 16 million. Migos net worth, as a group is approximately $ 50 million. The estimated net worth of Cardi b is $ 8 million. Cardi b ethnicity is mixed. Metro boomin net worth is $ 6 million. Chance the rapper net worth is $ 33 million. Quavo net worth is $ 16 million. The Edge net worth is $ 340 million. Google net worth is approximately $ 52.4 billion.

2 Calculating Net worth with an Excel sheet

You can calculate your net worth on an excel sheet. You need to open the Excel document and type in your assets and liabilities exactly like in the above-mentioned example. Then use the function bar to add the values for you.

3 Calculating net worth with tools

It is easiest and fastest to calculate your net worth with the tools available on the internet. Quicken is the tool used for fastest and accurate calculation. It allows you to gauge your financial health at a glance. It is a recommended financial software program that you can purchase and download on your computer. You can enter your financial information manually into this program. Then quicken will sync quickly your information and it will show your net worth.

What are the Tips to increase Net worth?

Here are some tips to increase net worth. First, save more than you spend. If you can do this one thing, your net worth will increase.

  • Save more money
  • Decrease your debt
  • Earn more money

Final Word

In this piece of writing, you learned about Net worth, the meaning of net worth, and how to calculate it. Net worth can be defined as the total value of your assets, minus the total value of your liabilities.

Your net worth is the indicator of your financial health.

If you want to increase your net worth, all you need to focus on having more assets and fewer liabilities. We have mentioned different ways to calculate your net worth. We have also shared some tips to increase your net worth. To conclude we can say that to calculate and determine your net worth is the key to improve your financial health. So keep checking your net worth in a specific time period and increase your worth finances.