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Things to Know About Background Checks

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When you’re looking to hire or be hired to a company, the employer needs to know more about who they are hiring. Think of it like starting a relationship. Before the employer can make a commitment, they need to know something about your history. An employee hr background check is comprehensive enough to make sure that hiring someone will promote productivity and safety in the workplace. So, here are a few things to know about background checks.

What a Background Check Looks For

There are different kinds of background checks that focus on different aspects of the prospect’s history. Employment background checks focus on the prospect’s employment history, searching for comments about their contribution to the workplace, reason for termination, etc. Criminal background checks look for records of any criminal activity; this is used primarily to ensure that people hired do not compromise the work environment in any way. Employers will typically run a background check using multiple options including a credit check. This helps them get the full picture of who they are hiring.

Other Uses for Background Checks

Universal background checks are more commonly used during the purchase of a firearm. Anytime a licensed seller of firearms is about to complete a transaction they run this kind of background check on the purchaser. Things that would block your ability to buy a weapon would be things like felony charges, some misdemeanors and open arrest warrants.

If Your Record is not Spotless

Having marks on your criminal record will not automatically tank your chances of being hired somewhere. It depends on several factors, the employer’s standards, your candidness and more. For example, there are jobs that don’t disqualify people if they were convicted of a felony as long as they meet certain conditions. While other workplaces would not accept a record like this, it is important to do your research ahead of time about who shows more leniency on those things.

Background checks are like a safety net designed ideally to filter between higher and lower risk individuals. It makes sense that if you’re going to hire someone to do work that will impact the company and the people who work in it, you need to get an idea of that person’s history. This can reveal their compatibility with current employees as well as their trustworthiness. Even outside of applying for jobs background checks can impact who can purchase weapons, which tries to avoid giving means to less than upstanding individuals.

Being Happy at Work

Benefits to Being Happy at Work

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I am willing to bet that just about everyone you know has a job, but do they have a career? Are they going to work simply to pay the bills, or do they find fulfillment in what they do? Contrary to what most people think, it is possible to be happy where you work, especially when you work at a place like You deserve to be respected and appreciated for what you do each day and for what you contribute to a greater cause. Your current skills, both natural skills and learned skills from education or prior experience, should be acknowledged while allowing you the opportunity to improve and grow.

There are many benefits to being happy at work. One of them is that you will enjoy going to work each day and you won’t wake up dreading the next 8 or more hours. You may even be inspired to get to work early and put your best effort into everything that you do. When you are happy at work, you inspire others to be happy. Good and bad attitudes are contagious, and when you present your good attitude each day, others may feel the same way. You may encourage others to work harder and work as hard as you do. You may be able to help productivity at work.

When you are happy at work, you feel less stressed. When you are not happy at work, you start to sever the ability to feel positive emotions, which also can negatively impact your ability to reason and be creative. When you are unhappy at work, it often seeps into your everyday life. You will begin to feel failure and disappointment enter your personal life. When you are happier and have less stress, you will have a better immune system. When you have less stress, you are less susceptible to heart problems, hypertension, and substance abuse. When you feel stress at work, you are more likely to feel tired and worn down even after work hours are over for the day. You may have less energy, and then you begin to focus only on the negative aspects of your life, including work. When you are happy at work and feel happy overall, you feel better about yourself. You feel like you can accomplish more and be successful. This helps you feel inspired and innovative more often. You are more willing to improve yourself and learn new skills or sharpen your existing skills. It is easier for you to deal with less desirable situations when you have a happier and positive outlook at work and in life. These positive feelings help you feel more loyal and responsible at work.

Workplace Panic Buttons

Workplace Panic Buttons – Why Have Them At Your Place Of Business?

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Modern-day panic buttons are technologically advanced security systems that are not at all similar to the traditional wired workplace panic button systems. The modern-day systems boast a plethora of functions that wired systems do not possess.

What is the point of having a workplace panic button system in your place of business?

Well, how about a scenario when a distressed ill-doer gains access into your facility. A security threat can also emerge from the inside of your place of business.

Suppose your HR department chose to lay off a non-performer and the person, who just lost his or her job chose to take you or any number of your workforce hostage for as long as his or her demands are not met by you or the HR department of your company.

In any of the two cases mentioned above, there is no guarantee that a wired panic button or alarm system will do its job and alert the on-site security team as well as the authorities on time. On top of this, even if a wired panic button system sends out the signal to the authorities, there is no way to confirm whether or not the authorities received the distress signal on time.

On top of this, there is no guarantee that you or anyone who has access to a traditional panic button system in your place of business will be able to press the button in a bid to send out the distress signal on time in case of an emergency.

All of the scenarios enunciated above can be categorized as levels of vulnerability in your place of business hence, to ensure that you, your workforce, and your place of business doesn’t fall prey to the harmful impulses of an ill-doer, get in touch with a reliable service provider that supplies and installs modern online panic button systems specifically designed for workplaces as soon as possible.

Are there any other advantages?

Sure there are.

Here is rundown about some of the other unique advantages of installing a panic button system in your workplace:-

  • Setting up a panic button system is a hidden but effective way to increase the security of your place of business.
  • It is also a sign put out for your workforce to see and appreciate that you are taking measures to care for their security and wellbeing.
  • Workplace panic buttons could be placed in strategic locations all over a place of business so that you and your team members have easy access to them in case of an emergency.
  • Modern-day panic button systems are backed by 24/7 monitoring stations run by the manufacturer or the installer of the system. These monitoring stations will keep an eye out for distress signals and when they do receive one, they notify the authorities in no time. Hence, by installing a panic button system in your place of business, you can rest assured that someone is always keeping a watchful eye on your wellbeing and the security of your workforce.

An estimated two million people fall prey to or witness workplace-related incidents that quickly turn violent and sometimes, even turn fatal. Having workplace panic buttons is not a luxury anymore as it has become an integral part of security systems such as surveillance and ACS systems. Invest in a workplace panic notification system today and keep your company from becoming a part of the incident statistics.


How Does Tax Relief Effect Your Business?

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If you want to know how tax relief affects your business, you are in the right place.  The Indian Government, in recent years, has given many tax reliefs for companies to boost the economy.  It will empower small to big businesses with many benefits to manufacture and sell more products in India and export to other countries.  It will increase job opportunities in India and bring in the much needed foreign exchange by exports.

Know about the SEIS scheme

Einstein once said that understanding tax is the most challenging thing on the planet. It is as yet equivalent to the SEIS scheme brought by the Indian Ministry of Commerce through DGFT or directorate general of unfamiliar exchange 2015. This SEIS or Service Export from India Scheme offers impetus for the export of services to overseas customers. In case you are a specialist co-op in IT or different areas offering types of assistance to overseas customers, you may get a 3 or 5 or 7 % bonus. It is just on the chosen specific services that procure foreign trade as Duty Credit Scrips. You can utilize these scripts for paying import duty or change it to money by offering it to any merchant. However, to get the bonus, you need to know every one of its complexities of SEIS.

The ways tax relief affects businesses

According to the neoclassical economic view, the primary drivers for the economic output are the peoples’ interest in work and how much they invest as capital. It is for the setting up of factories, buying machines, and equipment.  But taxes play an essential part for the people like you to decide on deploying the capital.  And if there are tax reliefs, it will automatically increase the investments and people’s willingness to work more.  Also, it will increase the productivity and development of your business and boost the country’s economy.  There are also many other benefits from tax reliefs like the SEIS scheme that affect your business and include

  • Reduces the burden of paying higher taxes by getting incentives for the generated foreign exchange
  • Enhances further investment and willingness to work more for more manufacturing of products and exports
  • Enables better wages as many empirical studies confirm that the labor bears the burden of the taxes from 50 to 100%
  • Enhances capital infusion into business as studies confirm that the taxes in the long-term cause it to reduce
  • Reduces the prices of products for the benefit of the end-users and increasing productivity for the companies
  • Increases jobs by a rise in production, sales, exports, and others to lift the country’s overall economy.

Tax reliefs like the SEIS scheme will offer the above benefits and more for you.But to get all the better incentives from the scheme, you need to seek help from expert tax services.

business owner

Protecting Your Business Assets

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As a business owner, it is important that you are making enough profit to keep your business afloat. There are many ways that assets can be compromised, and it is important that you take steps to make them less vulnerable. Unfortunately, people are not always as trustworthy as they should be, and you have to watch out for fraud or sabotage to your business. Consider these ways that you can protect your business’ assets.

Monitor Credit Card Activity

There is a scam that some customers participate in, which is chargeback fraud. Essentially, they tell their credit card company that the purchase they truly made is fraudulent. They get their money back, and you receive a charge from the credit card company for fraud. To stop this from happening to your business, you can invest in chargeback fraud protection for merchants. These services help you monitor your valuable assets so that you will not be at risk of friendly fraud.

Never Leave a Single Employee in Charge

You should be able to trust the people that work for you, and after months or years of employment, you likely have a good idea about the character of your employees. However, you can never be too careful with new hires, and even existing employees can get into desperate situations at times. It is important that you do not put an employee in a situation in which they could steal money from the business. You can do this by making sure that there are always two people on a shift. That way, you will have witnesses to anything that goes on.

Do Not Keep Large Amounts of Cash on Hand

Keeping a lot of cash on hand is asking for trouble. Once it is gone, it is very hard to recover it. If a customer comes in and makes a large purchase in cash, try to get the money to the bank as soon as possible. You can send an employee to the bank with the money, and make sure that they bring back the correct deposit slip. Alternatively, you can choose to transport all of the money to and from the bank yourself.

Being a business owner comes with its fair share of stress, and it is important that you take steps to protect your assets. After all, you have worked hard to build this business, and you need to do what it takes to keep it going strong.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship in Times of Covid

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Being an entrepreneur today in the technology field requires a solid minimum viable product. That means that the founder has to understand what his or her user base needs are, and how to satisfy that need with an effective solution. Many IT startups these days are focused on cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet-based communications, and data centers. A well-known serial entrepreneur in this space is Bronxville’s David Walsh who is helping startups move to more remote work during the days of Covid.

Remote Work

Why are technology startups doing so well during the pandemic? Remote based businesses have seen an uptick in profit. This is due to the masses of people who are currently online more frequently than they were before the outbreak.

Many companies still have the majority of their workforce working from home, which especially applies to IT startups. We see an increased interest in IT collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, and Trello. People don’t need to physically meet anymore so we these tools to facilitate the work.

Remote working is proving to be an effective and profitable strategy for companies. Domain names can be purchased inexpensively. The reduction of in-person meetings has created a reduced carbon footprint because people don’t need to drive their vehicles to commute for work every day. A website is now viewed in the same way that a brick-and-mortar store was 20 years ago.


Clouds are essentially physical servers and networks. These would cost individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars to stand up on their own, but cloud computing companies offer their resources at a fraction of the cost. Third-party vendors often white-label cloud solutions to earn a margin. This means they create a word press website, then sign a third-party, white-labeled company and begin selling their space for profit.


Cybersecurity requires a certain degree of coding knowledge. David Walsh Bronxville had this knowledge when he began in cybersecurity. Basically, if you can discern which tools are used to build a website, then you can break it.

Each coding language has known vulnerabilities, which can be simple or complex depending upon the version of the code used. PHP, for example, is used for all of the WordPress websites including Facebook. Many of these can be hacked by using a simple SQL injection to obtain the admin credentials and log in to the admin portal.

Another approach these companies might use is a brute force attack. This is done by swamping the domain with requests which kick others off so that the hackers can jump on. Big companies pay for outsourced companies to find these vulnerabilities and mitigate them to ensure the security of their resources and data.

The great thing about today’s technology is that small-scale operations have the ability to jump in and play with big fish in the realm of IT startups. Internet-based communications and data centers can be more difficult to break into due to economies of scale, but there are solutions available like white-labels which can make huge profit margins.

Best Consultants

Get off on the Right Note by Hiring the Best Consultants for Your Start-up Business

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If you are an entrepreneur planning to venture out on your own, then you might want to hire business consultants to help you penetrate the market better. Starting a business is not easy. You need to do thorough research, understand your strengths and weakness, and then plan accordingly.

Having a Business Strategy in Place

No start-up can work without having a proper business plan in place. You need to have realistic goals and a proper strategy to accomplish them. You might wonder how consultants come into the picture here. Well, they do have a major role to play here.

There is often a debate about whether to hire consultants for start-ups as you need to shell out some money for their services. Well, if it is for the benefit of your business wherein with the right road map you can reap profits, then why not?

There are many start-up business formation consulting companies like Suivant Consulting located in Atlanta, Georgia that can help you build a successful business. Their team of professionals will be with you at every step of your business. They will help you with all the paperwork, coming up with a development plan and pointing out the potential risks in your business and coming up with solutions for the same.

You only need to concentrate on meeting your long-term goals and leave the rest in their expert hands. They will also provide you with feedback and reports that can help you strategize better and meet your business objectives.

Having experts guiding you throughout your start-up journey can help you save both on time and money. You just need to invest some time in finding the right consulting company that can help meet your business goals.

Showing you the Right Path

In addition to helping you come up with your business strategy, start-up consultants can also help you with:

  • Giving you the right management advice as they have the required knowledge and experience on the same
  • They will be up to date with the latest market trends and can help you navigate your way
  • In their line of business, they will also have a lot of important contacts that can help your business flourish
  • They can also help you to cut down on unnecessary costs and improve your revenue
  • They can come up with a business model that can give you more insights about your products and potential customers

Research thoroughly when it comes to hiring start-up consultants. Not all of them will live up to your expectations. Some of the key characteristics that you need to look out in your business consultant are:

  • They need to be experienced in a similar field as your start-up
  • They must have good communication skills to be able to sell your products to potential customers
  • They must have good negotiation skills

One important skill that they must possess is the will power and determination to take your business to new heights.


Start-up consultants can make or break your company. It is always better to invest in a credible consulting company so that you will be able to achieve great milestones for your business.

Office Supply Purchasing

Shifts in Office Supply Purchasing

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The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted every facet of modern life, including the workplace. Suddenly employees found themselves stuck at home with a personal computer instead of working from a desk in their office. As more and more people opted to stay home, the office supply industry took a big hit. They saw sales dropping and orders disappearing with no promise of recouping that money. At first, they started to panic. They weren’t sure how to sell to offices with no employees. But once they realized they were the best place to buy office furniture, the tune changed.

Direct Sales

Although businesses had been their clients before, office supply companies realized it wasn’t the business using their products, but the employees. And these employees were still working, just not in the same place they’d always been. How many people who work out of the home have a fully established home office? Not many. So they started making their products available directly to the consumers. After all, many large companies, such as Google, were offering a stipend to their employees to purchase this equipment anyway, which created an obvious market. Once supply companies opened their websites to sell directly to individuals at individual quantities, their margins starting skyrocketing again.

What You Need

If you’re still transitioning or just now making the switch to remote work, it can be overwhelming to try to think of the essentials to build a functioning home office. There are three basics everyone needs: a desk, a chair, and a computer. There are tons of options within these three basic categories, so think about your needs and preferences before buying the first one you see. After all, you’ll spending a lot of time with these items.

You can add office supply chains to your list of industries that found new ways to thrive in the pandemic world.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice Lawyers – Professionals Helping Your Get Maximum Compensation for your Loss

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Are you a victim of medical errors? These are among the main causes of lawsuits in medical malpractices. Carelessness on the part of the medical professionals can be detrimental to your health. It can result in further injury or health complications or, in some cases, even the death of the patients. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you have the right to receive the due compensation. It is natural that the medical professional will be hiring an expert to fight his or her case. In order for you to receive the maximum compensation, you must also look for Rochester medical malpractice attorneys and choose the best one. There are many reasons to hire a credible and skilled lawyer, and below are some of the prominent reasons.

  •   Their Experience and Expertise

Other than being trained and licensed in the field, experienced attorneys also have field experience dealing with such cases. They are well-equipped to deal with various technicalities needed to build the course of the case within the courtroom and create a strong legal foundation from the start. This includes liaising with the insurance companies, taking care of the paperwork, collecting the evidence, etc.

  •     Providing the Best Value For the Case

When you are evaluating your case, there are chances that you might miss some elements or overvalue others. This results in asking for far too low or far too high compensation. The Rochester medical malpractice attorneys harness their training to thoroughly assess each aspect of the case and provide a relevant compensation value for your damage. They do not just calculate the evident physical and financial loss, but they would also consider the impact the injury had on your mental wellbeing, which is something you might have missed out on if the attorney wasn’t experienced.

  •     Maximizing the Compensation

Evaluating a price is one thing; negotiating with the defender to get the claim is a whole different game. When you are going up against a medical professional or hospital, you can expect to be dealing with their insurance provider who is experienced in handling such a case. You also need a skilled lawyer beside you who can state the facts that are backed by evidence to provide you the compensation that you deserve. Moreover, they won’t get intimidated by the legal team of the healthcare provider and would have already prepared an effective negotiation strategy.

  •     Taking the Case to the Trial

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer would not be afraid to take the case to trial. If the compensation is not satisfactory, he or she will take the case to the court to get you the compensation that you deserve. Although it is very rare that these cases go to court, it is better to stay prepared.

When trying to win a medical malpractice case, there is no scope of errors. One of the first things you should be doing is hiring a reputed medical malpractice lawyer. To fight with the legal team of the medical care provider, you would also need someone experienced by your side.

car shipping

A car shipping guide

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If we are moving house or shifting to a place a short distance away, we usually drive our car because it is cheaper than shipping it. It will be different if we are moving long distance. In this case, it is safer and more convenient to pay the auto transport to ship your car. If our budget permits, it is safer to get a car shipping company to deliver our car for us especially when we are moving long distance. If this is the first time you are shipping your car, you will find the following guide helpful once you go through the checklist.

  • Open air transport is far cheaper and easily available than enclosed transport. Very seldom the average person will choose to ship their car in an enclosed transport unless your car is a very expensive car.
  • Door to door shipping. The carrier that transport your car will first locate your address and stops at a nearby large area that is safe for him to park his transport truck to unload your car. Then the driver calls the contact to collect the car. The contact will in turn call you to collect your car from an agreed location. This is the best and fastest way to ship your car.
  • Pick up point and destination. If the locations are easy to locate and easily accessible, the rates may be lower. But if both locations are out of the way from the common shipping routes, then the rate will be higher.
  • Basic standard shipping or expedited shipping. Both involves booking well in advance of your preferred shipping date. If it is not possible, you can pay a bit extra upfront for expedited shipping of your car. Compared to standard shipping, the rate of expedited shipping is not very costly. You can request for a few shipping companies to send their quotes according to the services required so that you can take a look at rates you received and compare them.
  • Before you choose a shipping company, always check out its track record and feedback of customers.
  • Once you have chosen a shipping company, then it is time to prepare your car for shipping.

Pre-shipping preparation of your car.

  • Clean up your car thoroughly both exterior and interior, and take extensive photographs of the exterior and interior of your car after it has been clean. This is the best way to ensure that you have sufficient proof to back up your complaint in case of any damage incurred during the shipping process.
  • Remove all valuables from inside your car e.g. paper documents or important items from the glove compartment.
  • Take photographs and document any existing dents, scratches, or minor windscreen cracks.
  • Make sure to leave your car gas tank about a quarter full, enough to shuffle your car on and off of the truck in the process of transportation.
  • Have a set of spare keys to be handed over to the transporter.
  • Make sure that your car is insured. These days, most shipping companies will insure your car while in their possession. Check this out before you choose the shipping company.