Benefits to Being Happy at Work


I am willing to bet that just about everyone you know has a job, but do they have a career? Are they going to work simply to pay the bills, or do they find fulfillment in what they do? Contrary to what most people think, it is possible to be happy where you work, especially when you work at a place like You deserve to be respected and appreciated for what you do each day and for what you contribute to a greater cause. Your current skills, both natural skills and learned skills from education or prior experience, should be acknowledged while allowing you the opportunity to improve and grow.

There are many benefits to being happy at work. One of them is that you will enjoy going to work each day and you won’t wake up dreading the next 8 or more hours. You may even be inspired to get to work early and put your best effort into everything that you do. When you are happy at work, you inspire others to be happy. Good and bad attitudes are contagious, and when you present your good attitude each day, others may feel the same way. You may encourage others to work harder and work as hard as you do. You may be able to help productivity at work.

When you are happy at work, you feel less stressed. When you are not happy at work, you start to sever the ability to feel positive emotions, which also can negatively impact your ability to reason and be creative. When you are unhappy at work, it often seeps into your everyday life. You will begin to feel failure and disappointment enter your personal life. When you are happier and have less stress, you will have a better immune system. When you have less stress, you are less susceptible to heart problems, hypertension, and substance abuse. When you feel stress at work, you are more likely to feel tired and worn down even after work hours are over for the day. You may have less energy, and then you begin to focus only on the negative aspects of your life, including work. When you are happy at work and feel happy overall, you feel better about yourself. You feel like you can accomplish more and be successful. This helps you feel inspired and innovative more often. You are more willing to improve yourself and learn new skills or sharpen your existing skills. It is easier for you to deal with less desirable situations when you have a happier and positive outlook at work and in life. These positive feelings help you feel more loyal and responsible at work.

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