How Does Tax Relief Effect Your Business?


If you want to know how tax relief affects your business, you are in the right place.  The Indian Government, in recent years, has given many tax reliefs for companies to boost the economy.  It will empower small to big businesses with many benefits to manufacture and sell more products in India and export to other countries.  It will increase job opportunities in India and bring in the much needed foreign exchange by exports.

Know about the SEIS scheme

Einstein once said that understanding tax is the most challenging thing on the planet. It is as yet equivalent to the SEIS scheme brought by the Indian Ministry of Commerce through DGFT or directorate general of unfamiliar exchange 2015. This SEIS or Service Export from India Scheme offers impetus for the export of services to overseas customers. In case you are a specialist co-op in IT or different areas offering types of assistance to overseas customers, you may get a 3 or 5 or 7 % bonus. It is just on the chosen specific services that procure foreign trade as Duty Credit Scrips. You can utilize these scripts for paying import duty or change it to money by offering it to any merchant. However, to get the bonus, you need to know every one of its complexities of SEIS.

The ways tax relief affects businesses

According to the neoclassical economic view, the primary drivers for the economic output are the peoples’ interest in work and how much they invest as capital. It is for the setting up of factories, buying machines, and equipment.  But taxes play an essential part for the people like you to decide on deploying the capital.  And if there are tax reliefs, it will automatically increase the investments and people’s willingness to work more.  Also, it will increase the productivity and development of your business and boost the country’s economy.  There are also many other benefits from tax reliefs like the SEIS scheme that affect your business and include

  • Reduces the burden of paying higher taxes by getting incentives for the generated foreign exchange
  • Enhances further investment and willingness to work more for more manufacturing of products and exports
  • Enables better wages as many empirical studies confirm that the labor bears the burden of the taxes from 50 to 100%
  • Enhances capital infusion into business as studies confirm that the taxes in the long-term cause it to reduce
  • Reduces the prices of products for the benefit of the end-users and increasing productivity for the companies
  • Increases jobs by a rise in production, sales, exports, and others to lift the country’s overall economy.

Tax reliefs like the SEIS scheme will offer the above benefits and more for you.But to get all the better incentives from the scheme, you need to seek help from expert tax services.

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