How Plastic Postcards Help Your Business’ Bottom Line


Plastic postcards make it possible to get some of the highest response rates when it comes to marketing materials. That’s why more businesses than ever before are using them to display their services, products, and let new and returning customers know when they’re having special promotions. 

The Benefits of Plastic Postcards 

  • Lamination for better quality: Plastic postcards are like your average postcard mailer from a company, yet they’re laminated. You can even get them laminated on both sides. 
  • Greater visibility: Since plastic mailers are shiny, and you tend to be able to get more out of them, people are more likely to take notice and read them. This way, you’ll have more visibility of your business. This usually leads to more sales. 
  • Environmental costs: Plastic isn’t necessarily always worse than paper. There are more options now for recycling some plastics. Plus, the use of plastic for these cards doesn’t lead to further deforestation. 
  • Fewer mailers needed: When your business sends out plastic mailers, they last for longer. You can include evergreen details about your company and only send out more to targeted groups of individuals when you have a sale going on or plan to make changes such as moving your business location. 

Give Plastic a Try for Your Mailings 

As you can see, Plastic postcards make a great deal possible. Send out grand opening information, introduce new people to your business, and notify them of upcoming events and promotions. It’s well worthwhile to use these for your advertising. 

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