Tips to Maintain Chefs Uniform


It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking in your kitchen or not but as soon as you step foot into a professional restaurant kitchen, you simply can’t avoid stains. Whether you are just monitoring other chefs or managing the waiters, you are equally prone to stains or marks in the kitchen. Thus, if you want to keep your pristine white chef coat tidy and presentable, you need to learn some tricks to look after your chef’s uniform.

Chef’s coat is the identity of a chef and a stain on your coat is a dent on your personality which is why you absolutely can’t wear a dirty chef uniform, period. However, keeping a professional chef uniform neat and crisp, just like the day you bought it is a very difficult job. But, if you are fully determined to keep your uniform clean for a long period, you can easily do it with a little help.

Invest in Good Quality Material

If you want to keep your chef coat brand new for years, you need to buy high-quality products. You may find multiple cheap chef uniform brands in the market, but the cheap ones usually cannot even survive a couple of washes. Therefore it is advisable to buy a high-quality and durable chef uniform from a leading brand. The cheap uniforms do not come equipped with color retaining technology, and eventually, your uniform turns into a faded rag within a couple of spins.

However, high-quality does not mean that you’ll have to break your bank to buy a decent piece of chef’s uniform. You can easily buy a durable and comfortable chef’s coat under a moderate price range. You just have to find a suitable brand and quality will be insured. Look at the selection from here:

Read Instructions Carefully

Never commit the mistake of carelessly throwing your chef’s coat in the washing machine along with your regular clothes. You should read the care instructions imprinted on the label of your chef’s coat before washing it. Even if you have prior experience of washing a chef’s jacket in the washing machine, you can’t assume to wash your new jacket in the same manner.

Each brand has varied care and washing instructions based on the fabric or stitch used to design the piece. Thus, spare a few minutes to read the label of chef uniform to avoid ending up with a faded uniform.

Wash Stains Immediately

Whether you are ahead chef or sous chef, stains are an unavoidable part of your job. But, you should not avoid stains, it is important to treat them immediately. To treat the stains, you should carefully remove all the solid food without rubbing it. By rubbing, you will smudge grease and make a stain even stubborn, instead use club soda or lemon juice to clean it.

Once you have given immediate treatment to your stains, you should instantly wash your dirty uniform. Before drying the uniform, make sure that the stain has been completely washed off.

Keep Spare Coat

It is recommended to always keep a spare chef’s uniform or coat in your work bag. For instance, when your customers want to meet you and compliment the delicious food, you can’t greet your guests wearing dirty clothes. Thus, if you have a spare chef’s coat in your bag, you can quickly change it and meet your guests. If your budget allows you, then you should definitely keep a spare coat or an entire uniform with you.

Avoid Chlorine

If you believe that chlorine bleach can clean your white chef uniform perfectly, you are mistaken because chlorine bleach will form yellow patches on your coat and make it look hideous. This is why you should wash your whites with oxygen-based bleach that will keep your uniform bright and shiny always. When you have to clean a sticky and stained jacket, you should soak it in warm water and add a few droplets of oxygen bleach. Let the jacket soak for a few minutes to see the real magic.

Chefs, your uniform is an integral part of your personality that sets you apart from the rest of the world. Start by finding the best chef uniform brand to buy a good quality uniform today and always keep the washing instructions in check.

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