What Is Accident and Disability Insurance?


Accidents happen to the best of us. They can be a simple slip and fall, or something more serious, like a broken bone or a concussion. It’s important for everyone to have enough insurance in case something happens so that you can afford the care and treatment you and your family need. It can protect against financial hardship that is caused by a covered accident or illness. Here are some things you need to know about what accident and disability insurance covers.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is an additional policy, such as from an insurance products Kearny NJ company, that can pay for the medical expenses of you or a covered family member if they are injured beyond what your health insurance can pay. These expenses could be out-of-pocket payments or that exceed the limits of your health policy that might cover hospital expenses, treatment, tests, lodging, transportation, and final expenses. 

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can cover some or all of the cost of living, especially if the injured or ill person needs special care. If you or one of your family members is sick, your disability insurance can pay for monthly living expenses, caregivers, living costs, and other expenses from a catastrophic injury. Individual disability insurance can be especially beneficial for those who are self-employed or work as freelancers. 

Accident and disability insurance can be a lifesaver. Disability insurance can help you continue to provide for yourself and your family if you were unable to work because of an accident or disability. There are different types of accidents and disability insurance policies, which can offer different levels of protection and also vary in cost. Exclusions and limitations can apply, so you should contact a licensed health and life insurance agent to make sure you have the coverage you need.

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