How Do You Stick Wallpaper To The Wall?


Wall murals are definitely one of the most popular decorations. Although they were once associated only with the images of palm trees and the beach, the current multitude of patterns, colors and styles meets with great enthusiasm by fashionable interiors fans. What’s more, wallpapers installation is also not a problem even for amateurs, which is their great advantage. However, it is worth remembering a few rules in order to be able to enjoy a perfectly decorated wall that will attract attention and will be the best proof of good style.

Which wallpaper should I choose?

It is a very individual matter, but it is worth remembering about the appropriate adjustment of the theme not only to the character of the room, but also its size and the degree of sunlight. Some wall murals can effectively make a room smaller, giving the impression of being overwhelmed. Others will make it gain some space.

Where to stick a wallpaper?

When deciding on a wallpaper, it is worth having one perfectly even wall for it. Each defect in the wall surface causes a distortion of the image, spoiling the impression. However, the wallpaper can also be attached to a slanting wall. With the right theme, it will look very interesting.

Photo wallpaper installation step by step

Sticking a wallpaper is easy, but it requires accuracy and patience.

  • First of all, the wall should be properly prepared. It should be perfectly even, dry, free from any imperfections, degreased and thoroughly cleaned. It can also be primed, which will improve the adhesion of the photo wallpaper.
  • Then choose an adhesive that is suitable for the substrate of the photo wallpaper.
  • Then you can start sticking the wallpaper. Of course, you should keep in mind that the individual stripes should be glued in accordance with the pattern. If the photo wallpaper has a non-woven backing, it is enough to put the glue on the wall, and if it is paper – soak the strips with glue.
  • After sticking each strip, it is a good idea to press it against the wall with a clean cloth, piece by piece to get rid of any air bubbles.
  • The stripes of the wallpaper should be joined together so that the pattern does not separate during the drying process. The task is easier if the wallpaper has tabs – then another strip is glued on the fragment of the previous one.

Ready! A wall with a photo wallpaper will be a perfect decoration of any stylish interior.

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