Ways To Start A Timeshare


Do you have a house with a great view? Earn money from that home by selling timeshares. A timeshare is a piece of real estate that is either owned or leased by many people. Normally condominiums or apartments are converted into timeshares, blut homes will also work.

Real estate investors like Stefan Soloviev look on vacation homes as a great way to earn their keep when they aren’t being occupied. For those who normally couldn’t afford a vacation home, it’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful area annually without having to pay for expensive hotel rooms.

Create a Leased Timeshare

With this type of timeshare, you’re not selling the property but rather the right to stay physically at the place for a certain amount of time.  The lease defines not only how long your renters can stay at your house each year, but how many years the lease is in effect.

You can offer either a floating week timeshare or a fixed week timeshare. By purchasing a floating week timeshare lease, your tenants can select a week each year to stay at your property at the time of their choice. The week can be at a different time each year. With a fixed week timeshare, your tenant agrees to lease the property for the same week every year.

Investigate Before You Sell

Investigate the market before you begin selling leases on your home to make sure there is an interest in your area. The more beautiful the scenery and weather, the better chance you have of selling timeshare leases.

Prepare Your Home

Your home needs to be a place others can enjoy without the hassles so clear out your belongings and leave only things you don’t mind strangers handling. Store personal belongings in a shed or closet that you keep locked. Have professional photos taken of your home and post them online. Look for a website platform that focuses on timeshares.

Get Professional Advice

Have someone in the timeshare business come and take a look at your home. A professional will know how much you can charge for your timeshare leases.

Set a Schedule

Decide on what weeks throughout the year you’d like to lease out your home and find other lodgings during those times like a guesthouse if you have one.

Have a cleaning service get your home ready for your new guests and enjoy the extra income leasing your home as a timeshare will bring.

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