Safe Deposit Lockers: What to Store and What NOT to Store?


You put your money in a bank to safeguard it. But where do you store your most valuable items – like jewellery and important items? Sure, you can keep them under your mattress, but that’s probably a bad idea. A better option is a safe deposit box, which you can rent from a bank.

Traditionally speaking, deposit boxes have been a safe way to store family heirlooms and important personal documents and possessions for several years. However, you need to make smart decisions about what items really should be put in a safe deposit box.

In the pandemic, many banks have issued statements and rules that have made access to safety deposit boxes not possible in these times. So, if you need access to the stored items from time to time, then do not put them in a safe deposit box.

Here are a few things that you should know about safe deposit boxes going into the future.

What Is ASafe Deposit Locker?

A safe deposit box is a secure container that can be used to store valuable items. The security offered by the bank is what makes these safe lockers lucrative to store precious items. They are sealed behind vaults and can be rented for a long time by either a single individual or a trust.

Here are a few things that you should store in your safe deposit locker, and a few things that you shouldn’t.

Things to Store in A Safe Deposit

  • Personal papers
  • Stamps
  • Jewelry
  • Important Business Papers

Even though safe deposit lockers are entirely safe, it’s better to put irreplaceable documentsthat could be damaged by water into a waterproof container. While it might not be necessary, doing soprovidesmore security and can also help keep your documents more organized.

Things You Shouldn’t Store


Let’s admit it: unless you’re, say, a frequent traveler, you probably don’t need your passport 24\7. Still, you never really know when you’ll need your passport for business or a spontaneous trip, so it’s best to keep it safewith you.


Don’t even think about keeping cash in a safe deposit locker. Why? First, if you need your money immediately and the bank is closed, you’re out of luck. Second, you’re much better off keeping your cash in a place where you can benefit from it.  How? Consider investing in Fixed Deposits, which will not only help you to safeguard your savingsbut also earn a profit, something that won’t happen if your money is in a safe deposit box.

Where to Rent a Safe Deposit Locker in the UAE

Safe Deposit Boxes offer safety beyond what can be achieved at home. If you’re in the UAE and looking for a place to safeguard your most valuable items, ADCB is your destination.

I have personallychosen ADCB’s safe deposit lockers because they offer more flexibility compared to otherbanks across the UAE.

The bank offers two types of safe lockers units; an assisted safe locker that can only be accessed with a combination of your key and the bank’s master key, and an unassisted safe deposit locker where your assets are stored in a fully automated locker that is available around the clock. These lockers feature a unique biometric security system that provides even greater security than a regular safe locker.

If you decide that a safe deposit box is the right solution for your important items, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are in safe hands. ADCB’s safe deposit lockers are available in various sizes for your convenience and at competitive fees.






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