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Houston Credit Union

The Best Houston Credit Union

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Where to Turn for a Proper Houston Credit Union

There are not a whole lot of options for credit unions in Houston to choose from, which is why many interested customers have a hard time becoming connected with a reliable one. Luckily, JSC Federal Credit Union is here to help. While any company can offer some of the general benefits that can be attained by joining a credit union, it takes a company that truly cares for its customers to provide a service that will live for generations, and this is exactly what the individuals involved at JSC Federal Credit Union have sought out to provide for the world. It is because of their diligence in doing so that they have created for themselves an undying reputation that will likely cement their name in the Houston credit union industry for generations to come.

Many people who are involved with a traditional system of banking are unsure of why they should even bother to transfer over to a credit union in the first place, as it may seem that their own company is meeting all of their needs. At a first glance, this may appear to be the case, but when you take a closer look at the motivations of banking companies around the world, it becomes clear that JSC Federal Credit Union stands out among them as a figure that genuinely cares for the interests of their customers. This is why they have been able to maintain such a high standing in the view of the public for so long.

One of the reasons JSC Federal Credit Union stands out as the best credit union in Houston is their sheer ability to provide the lowest possible rates on loans and credit cards. Many people who are familiar with these industries are entirely aware of the fact that they are not being granted the fairest options with regards to their interests rates, and it is for this reason that JSC Federal Credit Union was founded years ago.

Because they are able to provide both astronomically low rates on loans and credit cards and checking accounts with no fees, their customers have developed a natural loyalty towards their brand, and they continuously demonstrate that they would rather stick with them over nearly any of the available alternatives in Houston.

At the end of the day, it is the eye of the customer that helps to determine what the best-banking outlets in the country are. They are the ones who gravitate naturally towards companies with the interests of the public at heart, and this is why JSC Federal Credit Union has developed such a reputation throughout the course of their lifetime for fitting the needs of the public. For too long, banking companies in Houston have been taking advantage of the people who so dearly put their trust into them, and this is why JSC Federal Credit Union has made it their mission to become the best credit union in Houston not only today but for many years in the future.

One of the things that people struggle with within the banking community is raising their credit score. As this is at the forefront of your character in the financial world, it is extremely important to ensure that you have a positive credit score, and if you are unable to achieve this goal, buying anything on credit becomes quite the ordeal. It is for this reason that JSC Federal Credit Union works hard to with their customers to ensure that they are able to raise their own personal credit score as much as they desire. Of course, they can not do this for you; it certainly requires quite a bit of work and dedication. With their guidance, however, this process becomes exponentially easier.

Cannabis Business

Approaches To Set-Up A Legal Cannabis Business

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In the past decade, the legal cannabis business has skyrocketed, which now generates billions of dollars annually and has become a fairly lucrative business opportunity for many. There are currently 33 states who have legalized either medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, or both. In the United States alone, there are more than 10,000 legal marijuana businesses; which is considered to be one of our fastest-growing industries. 

The marijuana industry generates more than a billion dollars annually. There are currently state-regulated marijuana dispensaries located all across the United States, which are located in the following states: Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, Colorado, and Illinois.

Since Colorado legalizes pot in 2004, the industry has seen significant growth, which has produced more $6 billion in revenue in Colorado alone. The cannabis boom, led by the legalization of cannabis is often compared to the California Gold Rush, which saw a dramatic economic, climate change in the late-1800s. Many industry leaders, companies, and blossoming entrepreneurs such as Anheuser-Busch, Snoop Dog, Coors Brewing, and even Warren Buffet have jumped on-board the marijuana-legalization bandwagon. 

Starting a legal cannabis business may seem like a walk in the park, but there are multiple steps that must be in place in order to open a legal cannabis business, which requires more than patience, careful planning, and money. Here are some approaches on how to set-up a legal cannabis business.

How to Set-Up A Legal Cannabis Business

Starting Costs and Creating a Budget

Opening a cannabis business can potentially generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it may end up costing you thousands of dollars to set-up, which is why business owners typically will join a pre-existing partnership, search for investors, or try to obtain one or more cannabis business loans. If you are considering entering the cannabis business, you should be unaware of your limited financing options. Most cannabis entrepreneurs are unable to obtain loans from most major banks, which is mainly due to the fact that marijuana is illegal under federal law.

Decide of the Type of Marijuana Business You Want to Open

When it comes to investing in legal marijuana or opening a dispensary, the profit definitely outweighs the risk. If you’re considering going into the cannabis business, you should first decide on the type of business you want to go into, which can be broken down into three main categories; cultivation, infused products, or retail sales.

Obtaining the Correct Licenses

Entry and start-up costs associated with opening a cannabis business can be extremely expensive. You’ll first need to obtain the correct state-issued licenses in order to sell medical or recreational marijuana legally. This is typically between $5,000 and $20,000, which may take several months before you’re finally approved.

Hiring a Good Attorney

The cannabis industry is continually hampered by federal red tape, which is often difficult to navigate around unless you have legal representation on retainer. Even in states where marijuana is legal, there are a plethora of laws and regulations, which can make it difficult to operate a marijuana business. By hiring a lawyer or legal representation, they’ll make sure your permits and licenses are up-to-date.

Other General Factors Include:


  • Location: The location of your cannabis business must comply with local zoning laws and regulations, which also requires being a resident of the state your business resides in.

Criminal Record

  • Criminal Record: If you’re a convicted felon or if you’ve previously been convicted of a drug crime, you’ll likely be prohibited from applying for a marijuana business license.


  • Time: Establishing a successful cannabis business requires plenty of time and patience. Depending on the state you live in, securing the proper licensing can take up to 18-months.

Ingenious Ways To Praise Your Employees Publicly

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Positive Reinforcement: Positive Profit Margins

A picture has an amazing weekend relaxing with your family. Next thing you know, Sunday night comes and your anxiety hits; another long, unfulfilling week without any individual recognition is on the horizon. There are ways to improve; companies are realizing the way to increase productivity is positive work recognition. Through positive feedback, superiors can show company standards and who are already performing well, creating results almost effortlessly.

Proven Methods of Employee Praise: Peers vs Superiors

Recognition Among Staffers

There are different types of positive recognition. While many are familiar with the leadership/employee reinforcement, such as “Employee of the Month” or giving performance-based raises, companies have caught wind of peer-to-peer feedback. Sure, it’s nice to be recognized by the boss every once in a while, but how great would it be to receive compliments from people who experience the same everyday workload and consider you to be an example of a job well done?

How to Implement Peer Praise

Peer reviews are a great positive form of feedback; it creates an inclusive environment for employees because their opinions are heard and it’s even more beneficial because their voice is used to uplift their fellow colleagues. The amount of recognition also increases; instead of waiting for one boss to highlight the employee achievements, people who see their coworkers every day working hard can pay a compliment in passing.

Even setting up a small prize incentive for the employees to vote on a peer for completing a sales goal will boost the drive of the other staffers knowing that they get a prize for giving their best. Some companies such as GRS reward procurement utilize procurement, uniting customers and employees.

How Supervisors Can Increase Praise

Many leaders are so busy working on their responsibilities, they do not realize they could give more praise to their employees. Or perhaps they don’t know how to approach staff for positive reinforcement.; a great and simple way is by making a small detour while stretching your legs.

Popping up on staffers in their element gives you insight on the great things they do and give them instant gratification of their hard work. Lots of bosses do not realize that a lot of the low performance comes from the lack of progress validation; they try and do not get the praise so they begin to give minimal effort.

The Time for Praise

How about during weekly meetings? Before the meetings start, take a few minutes to acknowledge the accomplishments of two or three employees to show that their contributions matter to the company. In addition to that, refrain from pairing compliments with criticism. Many employees internalize the negative feedback over the positive, so waiting for a different moment to give constructive criticism is beneficial for a positive work environment. Keep in mind everyone doesn’t appreciate the same compliments.

By giving praise uniquely to the person (if they are shy, leave a card or if they enjoy public validation, shout them out on a bulletin board) who did a great job it shows how leadership views their employees as human beings and not just corporate bots. Feeling like you have an identity to your superior is an indescribable feeling.

Improving Low Performance

Praise can always boost team productivity. Sometimes a boss can underestimate how far a “good job on that presentation” can go or “check out those sales goals, keep it up” can go. Showing staff you care encourages them to bring their best selves and even look forward to that Monday morning meeting. Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Praise your way to higher productivity!


Trending Channel Partnerships That Can Help Your Business Grow

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If you want your business to grow, you need to pay close attention to the partnerships that you make. With the latest trends always representing a company’s ability to affect and make quick changes, your company must have the capability to follow the direction that the trending channel partnerships take. Having said this, here are 5 things you need to know to grow your business.

1) Digital is not a luxury, it is expected

When you consider how much technology has permeated your life and everyone around you, you may easily make the connection between what is expected and what is not. Specifically, since the digital world has a huge impact on all aspects of your business operation. This is especially the case for those who are working a productive program for their channel partner relationships.

Therefore, when a business sets up their portal, they will need to make sure that is accessible from any platform and very easy to use. By offering the newer platforms to your channel partners, they can logs sales as well as other KPIs online themselves, while also eliminating the need to track things with a pen and paper.

2) The email was just the beginning of Online Communications

More important than ever before, you need to provide resellers with the best platform to communicate. No, it is no longer enough to forward an email to the resellers from time to time, you need to develop a plan that is comprehensive. The plan that you create must encompass everything that channel partners want and needs. For instance, a total communication plan will be made of information that is readily available and can be sent through a content hub.

Typically, when this communication is set up right, channel partners will receive all of the info that they need including the latest updates on the newest products, sales strategies and new pricing, reward notifications in progress along with newly updated info on KPIs and performance. All of this information and more help you with a plan that will give you and your organization the Power To Motivate.

3) Your Business Has to Add Value to Beat their Competition

Channel partners know exactly how important customers are to a growing business. Therefore, when you are dealing with your channel partners, you need to make sure that they understand your marketing strategies and what you are expecting the customers to gain from it.

For instance, you need to create an environment that facilitates giving rewards that resellers can present in an appealing way. You will also need everyone engaged when providing information via a content hub. This is one of the best ways to distinguish your company from others in the same industry.

4) Your Customers Determine Your Ultimate Direction

Understanding how the customer fits into your business’s overall customer experience is one of the keys to ensuring your channel partners are satisfied. Focusing on solving a particular problem for the customer is one of the best ways to be seen in a good light.

For instance, when uber begin to replace taxis with a seamless service that makes it simple for the average person to get a ride from one place to another, they solved a huge complex problem that was normally embedded in the service that taxi cabs provided. This is one of the primary reasons why many of today’s channel partners are embracing the idea of adding the customers’ positive feedback to sales and training. This is often done by offering rewards for the feedback that the customer provides.

Strategic Financial Management

5 Substantial Means To Strategic Financial Management

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Managing your finances can be one of the biggest challenges in life. In fact, many people end up going their entire life without a plan and just wing it the best they can. This can lead to a sort of “feast and famine” cycle in which they have lots of money to burn at times, but are barely scraping by at others. Let’s take a look at five ways strategic financial management can help you to attain a more stable financial balance, and live better.

  1. Planning out a Budget and Sticking To It

You probably hear this a lot, and maybe you’ve even tried having a budget before. It’s not easy, and can even be a little scary since you’ll be keeping a close eye on how much money you have to spend. This can add extra stress upfront, but you will find that it’s less stressful overall since you’ll never be surprised by having a lack of money when you need it.

Budgeting your life is pretty simple. You simply write down all the things that you spend money on, and all the things that make you money. For most people, the making money part will come primarily from their job, but stocks that pay dividends, and side businesses can also contribute. As for the money you spend, the essential bills will be first on the list, with nonessential coming next.

Once you have your budget planned, the next challenge is being able to stick to it. As a general rule, once you violate your budget planning once, you’ll be tempted to do so again. This makes it extra important to never make that first mistake to give in and make an impulse purchase.

  1. Life Insurance

Believe it or not, smart financial planning also takes into account unforeseen accidents, and/or deaths. While it might not be pleasant to think about, the consequences to your family if you’re the main provider can be devastating if you were to pass away unexpectedly.

This problem is easily countered by purchasing term life insurance. This way if something happens to you, or the main provider in your household, your family will be okay financially. If you haven’t looked into getting life insurance yet, make it a point to do so as soon as possible.

  1. Avoid Using Credit, and Pay Off Debts

Let’s be honest here, the interest you pay on your debts is just wasted money that brings you literally no value. If you have debt from credit cards, mortgages, loans, and other sources, you’ll be doing your self big favour if you pay it off as soon as possible. It may feel uncomfortable paying a lot of money all at once, but you’ll be better off in the long run since you won’t be wasting money paying interest anymore.

The flip side to this is to avoid using credit as much as possible. While you may have to do so in order to make major purchases, such as your home, and vehicle, there is no reason to use credit for everyday items or impulse purchases. A general rule to follow is that if you need to use credit or take alone to buy something, you can’t afford it, and shouldn’t be purchasing it in the first place.

  1. Control Impulse Purchasing

Speaking of impulse purchasing, this is one of the biggest problems when it comes to smart financial management. Considering all the marketing and ads we’re bombarded with these days, it can be hard not to buy stuff on a whim. Our entire society is heavily focused on consumerism so there is always someone somewhere trying to get you to buy something.

The best way to deal with the urge to spend money outside of your budget can best be dealt with by setting aside a certain amount of money each month for impulse shopping. The great thing about this is that the amount can roll over at the end of the month, allowing you to build up your stockpile of impulse shopping funds, and go on a splurge if you feel the need to at some point.

  1. Hiring a Financial Adviser

While this may seem like overkill, a financial adviser can help with a lot of things, not just budgeting, or getting the right life insurance. They can also help you make smart decisions on how to best invest your extra capital, and how you can improve your credit score.

When hiring a financial adviser just keep in mind that this should also be an investment. You want to make sure that the money you’re paying your adviser is being made back through the actions you take according to this individual’s guidance. Think of this as an investment, and treat it as such, and your financial adviser will be a huge asset to your strategic financial management.

Efficient Business

4 Tips for a More Efficient Business

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Are your call times lagging? Are your profits lower than your investors would like? If you’re struggling to succeed as a business, you should know that there are ways to turn things around, especially if you’re willing to implement new policies focused on productivity. Here are just a few tips for getting more done around the office.

1. Set Specific Goals

If you’ve been telling your employees that they need to “increase sales” or “beat the competition,” you aren’t actually helping them achieve these objectives. Vague goals don’t give them a way to track, measure and celebrate their progress like specific ones do. Instead of asking them to just “increase sales,” ask them to generate a specific number of leads every month. Instead of telling them to “beat the competition,” ask them to perform a detailed evaluation on a rival company’s methods.

2. Utilize Project Management Software

Project management software like Acute 360 can be a big help to your R&D department. Not only can it collect real-time information on resources, materials and personnel, but some programs can also perform risk assessments or measure the progress of teams and goals. As a bonus, you can find project management software to suit every need and budget, so it’s just a matter of selecting the right program for you and putting it into practice. There’s something out there for everyone.

3. Go Paperless

The paper products in your office are dragging you down. They’re cutting into your profits with every order from the supply store; they’re slowing down important communication between your employees, managers and clients; they’re cluttering your walls and whiteboards with unnecessary disorganization. Do yourself a favor and switch to digital, paperless technology. Your business will operate much more smoothly, and you can also take pride in running a forward-thinking, 21st century company.

4. Give More Breaks

It might sound counterproductive, but it’s true: You can get your employees to work harder by giving them more breaks. The human brain isn’t an engine, and it needs regular periods of rest and relaxation in order to come back with all pistons firing. You can make sure that your employees are reaching their maximum potential by giving them a well-stocked break room with plenty of coffee, tea and energy-boosting snacks. You can also extend their lunch breaks so that they can hit the gym or visit a cafe in order to get in the right head space for the rest of the day.

These are just four ways to increase efficiency at the office. Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to whip an old one into shape, these tips can help you get the job done. Good luck!

Setting Up LLC

Important Issues To Be Aware Of When Setting Up LLC

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The LLC (limited liability company) is a highly popular business structure, especially for the startup enterprise. An LLC will be formed based on state/country laws and offers numerous advantages that are highly attractive for entrepreneurs. The problem is that you need to deal with many different things you most likely do not know much about from a legal point of view. This is why online LLC formation is usually recommended to be handled by companies specialized in this process.

Whether you decide to work with a company or not, you should still know different things about LLC formation. What should be highlighted is going to be listed below as the most important issues every owner has to consider.

Carefully Picking Where LLC Is Organized

Based on geographical location, there are different laws that apply. The LLC is always formed in accordance with specific requirements and rules. This is particularly important for online business formation in an LLC setting. The online business is not restricted by a brick and mortar office in most cases so it is possible to choose the perfect legal setting, all connected with online reputation.

For instance, in US, Delaware is often considered since the law is well-developed. However, it might be a better idea to form an LLC in another state, exactly where the business operations are handled to save some extra complexities, like fees. Always carefully analyze advantages and disadvantages associated with where the LLC will be set up.

Choosing A Name For The LLC

Organizing the LLC without a business name is practically impossible. When choosing the LLC name there are some issues that have to be considered, including:

  • LLC name needs to be unique and distinguishable from the active domestic and foreign LLCs.
  • Names cannot contain some specific terms that are prohibited at a nation or state level. For instance, terms like “insurance company” or “bank” are usually not allowed.
  • Trademark searches are needed so the name does not violate trademark owned by someone else.
  • Names picked should not limit the business if growth is achieved.
  • If the domain name associated with the online business is not acquired, seeing if it is free is a good idea.

The LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement will set forth business owners, together with management, financial and other responsibilities and rights. This is highly complex and some key issues have to always be addressed in the document, like:

  • How much capital is provided by LLC parties and whether or not contributions need to be made.
  • How loses and profits will be divided among owners.
  • Remedies or penalties that apply when capital contributions will not be made.
  • Who manages the LLC.
  • Manager indemnification protection.
  • The way in which an officer is appointed.
  • Voting rights.
  • Procedures for dissolution and member meetings.

Online filing services and lawyers do have some standard LLC operating agreement forms that can be used. These are normally tailored for the individual situation of the new business. You want to be sure that you read these agreements to guarantee it is exactly as it should be for your new enterprise.

Hiring Process for Better Outcome

Importance of Choosing the Right Hiring Process for Better Outcome

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Are you looking for an effective hiring process that would give you better results in less span of time? If yes, then certainly, this is the right page where you have landed up. Understand that aptitude test, psychometric test and personality test are some of the efficient platform that gives better results in terms of hiring. With time saving solution and money saving results, you get the most accurate results by which you can understand whether the candidate whom you are planning to hire can be proficient for the company or not. In case, you are planning to start with your company’s growth then starting such test is the right thing to do.

What are the benefits of the right hiring process?

Deserved candidates get the first priority:

Yes, often with so many potential candidates who come across for the job opportunity, if you conduct only the personal interview pattern then you may not be even able to come across the most deserving one. But with the help of right test be it the quantitative aptitude online test or psychometric analysis test, you get to know who the balanced candidate is, compare theme well and then make a fruitful decision on whom to hire. This way, you actually get a better opportunity to hire the person who can be worth the investment that you are intending to make.

Matches the profile with the requirement:

The focus of such type of test is to only find out those candidates who job profile matches with the job requirement for which your organization has come up with an opening. CV is merely a profile on paper which may or may not be always accurate. But the result that you get form such online test or recruitment assessment gives better sight about the strength, potential and weakness of the candidate which is why, choosing such person is always important through such test. This way, if the candidate, who has applied for the sales role will only be appointed for the same position and not in the financial department.

Worth to spend time and money:

Often times, we wonder if we are actually making the right investment to create such strong assessment platform or not. Well the answer is of course yes since we are spending time on those factors that would give us the potential candidate for whom we are eagerly waiting to give us the fruitful outcome. No doubt such person is worth the investment. At the same time, you can save your money on making the wrong hiring and utilize the time for focusing on other things that can complete your hiring process.

Above benefits are certainly the most needed one for any company in today’s time since the competitive market is progressing pretty fast. To understand the client’s need and to make the necessary changes, it is only the right candidate working for your organization who can help you get the most accurate solution. So what are you waiting for? Start with the right hiring platform today.

Company Policies

Tips for Creating Company Policies

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When it is time to create policies for a company, it may seem like a daunting task. People may not know where to begin. However, that does not have be the situation. There are some straightforward steps to take that can help enable a company to have effective policies that will last for many years.

Identify the Purpose

A good starting point when it comes to creating company policies is to identify the purpose of the policies. For some companies, the policies that will be created will be for clients or new clients. As a company changes or adds new services, a policy may need to be created or updated. For other companies, a new policy may be needed as a result of the changing economy in order to help serve customers in a better way. Identifying the purpose can help keep a company focused on what needs to be accomplished.

Do Beneficial Research

After identifying the purpose, some may immediately want to draft a company policy. However, it is better to do research before that occurs. If a policy is being adjusted, look at the original policy and determine what needs to be changed. Whether a company is creating a new policy or updating an old one, it may be helpful to contact another company in order to learn it has done. Besides this, there are companies that can analyze Corporate Governance and provide feedback as to how it may affect a new policy, such as Mitratech.

Make a Draft

Once the information has been assembled, it is time to make a draft of the policy. Remember not to have preconceived ideas as to the length or limits of new draft. The focus is on creating a draft. The draft will not be the finished product, but it will be a starting point that can help a company create a policy that will last.

Be Prepared for Feedback

People need to be consulted when creating or updating a policy. Companies can be put in a difficult place when customers, clients, vendors or employees were not asked to give feedback on a new policy. Feedback can provide valuable information as to where a policy can improve in order to make a company stronger.

When it comes to creating company policies, it does take time and effort to do it right. The work can certainly be worth it when a company has solid policies that will last for a number of years. That in itself can be priceless.

Tax Purposes

Track Business Records All Year Long for Tax Purposes

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Many business owners only think about their tax and expense records toward the end of the year and during tax season. Keeping up with certain records all year long makes life much easier at tax time.

Property Records

Invoicing, expenses and inventory are important, but don’t forget about the property owned by the business. You must do a return for property tax as a business annually. You can download a checklist at which reminds you about information needed for home office expense allocations. Very careful records need to be kept to successfully claim home office expenses.

Mileage Records

Owners and employees of businesses need to keep detailed diaries of automobile mileage. Typically in the case of employees, they will be reimbursed directly on a per-mile basis. The tax authorities typically have a maximum per-mile allowance. To ensure these expenses can be deducted, date, time, distance, destinations, and business purpose need to be recorded. For many employees, this will require several entries per day. There are apps available for smart phones that automatically track mileage so that personal and business mileage can be recorded more easily. In the United States, the IRS guidelines determine how these expenses are deducted.

Other Expense Receipts

Keeping up with receipts for items purchased from stores is extremely important to ensure that the deductions will stand up. Most of these items should be allocated to office supplies or office expense. In most cases, relatively inexpensive items, including most personal computers, can simply be set as expenses, but check with your accountant as to whether they will need to be added to your property tax return.

Some type of spreadsheet, accounting system or expense tracking software should be used to keep all of these expenses dated, sorted and allocated correctly.

Recording all of these items as you go during the year will make it much easier to prepare taxes. Your accountant will thank you, and you’ll maximize your expense deductions in the process.